Gotta Feed Garp!

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Bringing a cute little monster to life on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ready, aim, feed!

Gotta Feed Garp! is a physics based puzzle game availble on the iOS platform.

A strange egg appears in the groceries one day and starts hatching before your eyes… Congratulations! You're the proud owner of a cute little monster. Now you gotta feed him, and as he swallows with a "garp" sound, a name is born.

Feed Garp and collect stars as you toss a variety of food through obstacle courses full of tubes, cannons, seesaws and more. Gameplay starts easy and gradually becomes more challenging as you progress through 80 unique levels in 4 different settings. Do you have what it takes to keep Garp from going hungry?

My Role

I was contracted by Paper Robot Studios as a concept artist, illustrator and UI/UX designer and joined a team of three with the goal to conceptualize, build and launch an expansive casual game in with a very tight deadline. The cute monster garp was designed by me and brought to life by our animator. I was also responsible for designing and painting all of the in-game backgrounds and interface screens throughout the game. While working on the art side of this project I was also able to expand my programming knowledge and tackeled the basics of Corona SDK and the LUA language.

After aquanting myself with this technology, I took on the task of coding the logic and layout for the UI screens, pause menu and game options area. I was also able to work with our senior programmer to help figure out the logic of the game's camera physics, locate and fix memory and CPU leaks in our core logic and build a framework for in-game objects and their corrosponding physical properties. As an added bonus I was able to use my knowledge of web based technologies to create a basic user login and mangement system to track game scores and accomplishments via a custom LUA script, server side PHP script, a MySQL database and the magic of JSON encoding and decoding.

The project has seen a steady stream of daily downloads, very positive reviews from the critics and a 5 star rating in the AppStore. Gotta Feed Garp was also featured as CoronaLabs App of the Week.

You can download the game for free on the AppStore and watch our official gameplay video here