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From paper to robot... Paper Robot Studios

Paper Robot Studios is a small Independent Game and App Developer. They required a site to promote their products and post news and blog articles.

My Role

As senior developer, I was responsible for collecting content, planning the site's architecture, designing the interface and developing a CMS in which multiple team members could easily publish content and manage inquiries and comments. The timeframe for development and deployment was restricted as I was also serving as a junior programmer and artist for our first mobile game, therefore I was required to expedite the process. This site was conceived, designed and developed within a three day timeframe. Paper Robot existed to develop mobile games and apps and I chose a responsive design approach to reflect the companies intentions.

A secondary directive was to develop the Gotta Feed Garp! promotional website. I worked side-by-side with another designer to deliver a single page site which reflected the playfullness and child-like nature of the game's design direction. Visit the Gotta Feed Garp! site.