Recipe Queens - Developer Assessment

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My Role

As Senior Developer and Head of Department at my last agency, I was tasked with creating an assessment to test the frontend development skills prospective employees. A prospective employee would come into our office for a full day and be briefed and tasked with coding this two page design. They would be graded on...

  • Symantic and clean markup
  • Knowlege and appropriate usage of HTML5 elements
  • Easy to read and maintain CSS
  • Effective use of JavaScript and libraries
  • How well they could develop a system of markup and styles that would translate across multiple pages
  • Pattern recognition and efficient decision making
  • How well they were able to interpret design cues from a static mockup and convert it into an interactive medium
  • Speed of development and time management skills
  • How well they could deal with the sporadic banter in our studio

After the assessment was complete the senior staff members would test results in modern browsers, test code validity and critique choices made in the development process. As a benchmark test, I was able to complete the project within a 6 hour time frame (not to brag or anything).